2018-05-11 14:47 - A message from new owners

Dear customer, we'd like to take this time to thank you for your patience. Switching ownership, and handing over the daily operations, of a crypto exchange is a lot of work and there is not many with experience from it, out there. We’re working around the clock to get everything in order.

We have some news:

1. We are setting up proper KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) routines on Nova Exchange. For the unidentified account holder there will be a limit for withdrawal of 500 US dollars per day and customer.
If you need to withdraw more than 500 dollars at once this is perfectly possible, all you need to do is to provide us with some information and identify yourself with YOTI (download app here). You will find these settings under “Account” and “Contact & Verification level settings”.

We realise that this is an inconvenience, of course we do, but this is a necessary step to keep Nova in business, and growing!

2. Dice & Scratch functions are discontinued and shut down. We're sorry but us the new owners would need a gambling license to keep those features going. We might be forced to shut down completely if we did. We’re very sorry about this.

3. We will no longer be able to accept customers with citizenship and/or residence in the United States.

4. We will be accepting deposits real soon now. It is a matter of weeks.

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